While waiting for my hamburger she asked me, “What did you get?”

“A teenie weenie hamburgini,” I said. “What did you get?”

“A fat bastard.”


While driving in the car she said, “Look at that cow in the field, I think it’s dead.”

“It’s weird how the other cows are standing around the dead cow. I wonder what they’re doing,” I said.

“Maybe they’re holding a vigil?” she said.

“Or maybe it’s a moo-logy.”


While at work he said, “You should have slipped in.”

“Slipped into what?” I asked, trying to stay awake.

“No you should have slipped in,” he said.

“Why would I slip in? People can see me moving around.”

“What? No, slipped in. You should have slipped in. S-L-E-P-T slipped.”


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