“I introduced her to a life full of pashing.”

Did she just say pashing?1 I didn’t know she was a lesbian. Funny that.


No, she said passion!

What the devil! Even after four years my brain is still confused every week.

Here are groups of words in New Zealand that are impossible to distinguish for the American ear:

  • bull, ball and bowl
  • hair, air and ear
  • pen, pin and pan

For people from Chicago the difference is obvious. The sounds of the vowels are distinct. But some Kiwis skip their vowels, which leaves me befuddled.

Can you think of other words that sound similar? For example in Australia “six” and “sex” are too close to call. Think of the despair of the weary traveler in Australia’s hostels!

1. An Australian term for heavy duty kissing between teenagers.


5 Responses to Similar sounding words in New Zealand

  1. Helen says:

    Tell me about it … working with numbers in Aussie really sucks …. I get a little tired of refering to six as ‘the number that comes along after five’.

    Deck and dick also cause some issues for me …. imagine the looks when I say something along the lines of “it is always good to search out a dick to lie on on a sunny day” …. I think I will have to call it a porch or verandah in the future.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Yes! Deck and dick are hilarious. I remember the first time I saw an ad on television for wood decks and thought I heard hard wooden dicks. That’s always a fun conversation to have :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Helen and Alan :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I hear you also have difficulties with Pawn and Porn

  5. Jeffrey says:

    Yes pawn and porn are very difficult to distinguish. That’s just like dick and deck.