I love my iPhone even though it kicks the shit out of my index finger. Here’s a screenshot of the keyboard:


I hate this keyboard on the iPhone. It makes me feel like a texting newbie.

It sucks. I suck at text messaging.


Will someone at Apple please replace the QWERTY keyboard and with a normal cellphone keypad with predictive texting:


The QWERTY keyboard was such a bad move, and here’s why:


Meet the typewriter (if you haven’t seen one, this is the keyboard’s mother, who gave birth to QWERTY). The next sentence is important, because it’s bold: The typewriter was designed for ten fingers.

Look at the picture again. Do you see the woman holding the typewriter in one hand and typing with the other hand? Of course not!

Why would Apple try to change the way an entire generation text messages, anyways? For example in Japan half the top selling books are written on mobile phones. Let me ask you a question, which side of this keypad would you prefer to use if you want to text message?1


The left side of course! There’s less room for error.2

I wonder how many people refused to buy the iPhone because the keys are too small for their fingers. Would they have more customers if they made the buttons bigger?


Boo on you, Apple. But I still love my iPhone anyways.

1. The right side is futile, especially when you want to use two thumbs. Just give up and use your index finger, sadist.

2. A tactile response is so important when using a full keyboard. Users are twice as slow when using an iPhone largely because they can’t feel if they’re pushing the right letter.


11 Responses to Dear Apple, I miss my thumbs

  1. Shannon says:

    jeff, i think you’re getting a little too upset here.



  2. Jeffrey says:

    I’m more annoyed. I expect too much from Apple :)

  3. Paul says:

    You get used to it dude.

    If they introduced the standard mobile phone keyboard, I still don’t think it would work. For one the lack of tactile feedback means you can’t type whilst you’re driving =-0 or under the table when you’re in those long boring meetings, but that’s a good thing… isn’t it!?

    Maybe they’ll include tactile feedback via minute electric shocks in version 2.0

    I love my iPhone more than… alot of things

  4. Jeffrey says:

    Sadly I don’t think I will get used to it. I text a lot and my finger hurts! I think when the SDK is released I’ll geek out and build something better.

  5. webweaver says:

    …not to mention the fact that the QWERTY keyboard was designed to separate common sequences of letters in English (because once a typist got fast, the keys kept jamming up on the original alphabetical keyboard), and possibly (depends on who you ask) to slow down typing speed to further reduce jamming.

    Ain’t that interesting?

    Least you GOT an iPhone.

  6. Jeff says:

    webweaver! hello! :)

    I know two people who decided against buying the iPhone because they were uncomfortable typing (their fingers are pudgy and hitting the right letter is like herding cats). Boggles my mind!

    I know, I feel lucky to have it in NZ… but it’s not all fun and games! Besides having a sore knuckle in my index finger, on the last firmware upgrade it erased my contacts. It was depressing.

    Otherwise it’s all hunky-dory and its benefits outweigh the bad stuff. The next time I go to the states I’ll smuggle one back for you…

  7. I dunno. I have to say I LOVE the iPhone keyboard. I’m so much faster on it than I was with a numeric keypad. I’m quite happy using one or two thumbs, but I often use my index finger.

    I think the rationale of using QWERTY is a result of people knowing it from their desktop keyboard. It’s become second nature, for better or worse.

  8. Jeffrey says:

    Can you really use your thumbs? It’s too frustrating for me… I wish there was a switch I could push to turn the texting keyboard to a keypad. I was faster at texting with my Nokia than with the iPhone.

  9. AttinietenT says:



  10. Months Later says:

    I have absolutely no problem typing with my thumbs. It does not take much to get used to it.

  11. Jeffrey says:

    I still use my index fingers. I think they’re stronger now.